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A few Words About us

The single-member liability company High-Tech Industry EOOD (HTI) was organized in 2019 in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Company registration number in the Commercial Register of Companies of Bulgaria: PIC-205662892

The registered and physical address of the company: 125-2 Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria.
Chairman of corporate boarding/General Director of the company and its sole owner - Mr. Arkadi Priymak

HTI is focusing and specializing in providing different ranges of business services, which include several main areas of activity:


 Real estate transactions 

- Purchase and long-term lease of land plots for construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures for the purpose of sale or lease.
- Repair and reconstruction of rented buildings and structures for subsequent joint operation with property owners
- Real estate investments

- Rental activity

 Trading and brokerage operations with industrial commodities and agricultural production 

- Purchase, sale and resale of goods based on B2B
- Brokerage in organized international trading markets
- Network and direct marketing of goods and services
- Creation and management of retail networks

- Distribution of goods

- Advertising services

- Mediation

 Management Services 

- Development of marketing strategy and models

- Support of a daily current operation

- Representation of personal and legal entities

- Agencies

 Credit bureau services 

- Companies ranking

- Credit risk  and analyses

- Analyzing of grounds of factual data

 Financial consulting 

- Consulting services in the field of finance

- Development and sale of risk models 

- Factoring

- Purchase of receivables

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